Love Your Body and Make More Money


Hi there! 

Today, I am joining you today from right outside my gym where I just completed my morning routine. And wanted to share an important insight about generating real financial abundance in your life. 

If you want to make money doing something that is meaningful to you, that is alignment with your highest purpose, and perpetuates it’s self because it flows from the soul deep commitment to be in service of others, you’re going to have to stimulate your root chakra. And the root chakra is all about your relationship to your body.

Money is an embodiment of value–the more you consciously and unconsciously value yourself, the more money you will attract. 

I’ll say that again in a different way: if you want to see material results then you have to start at the portal to this material world, which is the body!

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to do a work out every day, like me. It doesn’t even necessarily mean that you have to go on a diet, or compare yourself to societal standards of health and beauty…what it means is you have to discover what improves your RELATIONSHIP to your body. 

How can you love it for exactly what it is in this moment? How can you stop beating yourself up by constant comparison?

We all carry in our minds the seeds of self-sabotage in the form of two negative voices. One voice is the judge and the other is the victim; these are the twin children of fear and self-rejection. 

Your inner judge is constantly looking for what you and others are not doing “right,” and your judge has impossible standards. Your victim self is always looking to the judge –internal or external–for validation, which it never receives. 

It is important to note there is a difference between judgement and discernment; and the difference is in the energy. When we judge, we make the mess bigger, when we make a discernment, we are simply making a choice. 

Let’s say I’d like to lose a few pounds. To judge myself would sound like: “I’m fat. I hate my body. I wish things were different.” 

Discernment sounds like: “I feel sluggish and would like get into better shape. I think I would feel better if I did.” 

Judgement leaves you feeling burdened and “not good enough” or unworthy. Discernment simply examines the options.

Among your options today, what is one thing you can and WILL do to improve your relationship with your body? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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Hope you’ll join us and increase your financial abundance!


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