[Webinar Tonight!] FREE Registration For Healing The Heart Chakra (1.5 CE’s Available)

To All My Messengers of Love and Spirit,

I’m so excited because tonight Kristen Boyer and I dive into our Healing the Heart Chakra Webinar.

And because the best things in life ARE FREE, like LOVE, Registration is FREE to the public.

In our Heart Chakra Webinar this Wednesday, April 19th at 8pm EST where we’ll be talking about attachment styles, psychological relationship patterning, and how to step into healthy partnerships.
Specifically, we will debunk three commonly held beliefs:

  1. “The perfect romantic partner will make me happy.”
  2. “Good relationships shouldn’t be hard.”
  3. “If I allow myself to experience my feelings, I will spin out of control.”

These myths and their concordant “truths” will be examined in the context of attachment theory, as well as shamanistic approaches to energy healing.

Participants of this event will be able to identify the following on a multiple choice quiz and learning assessment, which will be part of the course evaluation:

  • Identify the shadow aspect of the Heart Chakra.
  • Identify at least two observable behaviors of someone experiencing Heart Chakra imbalances.
  • Identify one guided meditation that may be used in working with Heart Chakra imbalances.

You will also receive…

  • A Guided meditation for opening the Heart Chakra
  • An outline of the presentation
  • Handouts to assist with working on Heart Chakra imbalances, in practice
  • A FREE,  introductory lecture on all 7 Chakras, which is part of our 7-week, LIVE, Online Master Class, Healing the Chakras: Mindfulness and Creative Arts Therapies
  • A FREE, Introductory, 30- minute Guided meditation to all 7 Chakras, which is part of our 7-week, LIVE, Online Master Class, Healing Through the Chakras: Mindfulness and Creative Arts Therapies
  • A FREE, introductory, 30-minute guided shamanic journey, which is part of our 7-week, LIVE, Online Master Class, Healing Through the Chakras: Mindfulness and Creative Arts Therapies

This is definitely a free event you won’t want to miss! So Sign up for Free HERE.

And to give you a head start on getting clearer about where you stand in your own way and block the development of healthy partnerships, I want to invite you to take this FREE QUIZ to identify your attachment style.

So make sure to join in this Wednesday at 8pm EST for our FREE Heart Chakra Webinar, and get your heart healing on with me and Briana so that when that special someone comes along you can fully embrace it and receive those juicy love vibes because nothing will be holding you back anymore!

If you are an LCAT interested in CE contact hours: the course materials, learning assessment and certificate of completion will be made available for $35.

Photo Feb 05, 9 21 50 PM

Healing the Heart Chakra
Mindfulness and Creative Arts Therapies

A LIVE Webinar

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 @ 8pm

Applicable for self help and mental health professionals.

(1.5 Live event, continuing education contact hours for LCATs in New York State, with a $35 fee.)



We hope to see you there!

electronic signature

Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT

Licensed and Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist

Author, Educator and Reiki Practitioner



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If you have any problems or technical difficulties, please contact Briana MacWilliam at Briana@CreativeArtsTherapiesOnline.com.

CreativeArtsTherapiesOnline.com is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Mental Health Practitioners as an approved provider of continuing education for Licensed Creative Arts Therapists. (#CAT-0014.)


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