What do March Webinars, Venus in Retrograde, Complicated Grief, and Vermont All Have in Common?

My Dearest Dancing-in-the-Moonlight-and-Feeling-SO-Right Creatives,

Welcome to March!

We’ve got some great things coming up this month, including opportunities to catch online LIVE events (click the button at the end of this email, to see a webinar calendar and register for these events).

But first, guess what woke me up this morning…

No, it wasn’t the sound of cars honking outside my Manhattan street corner. Nor was it the jackhammer that usually starts around 7 am. Or that construction worker who yells “Hey!” Right below my window, for apparently no reason (since I never hear a response), almost everyday. It was this…

Sunlight streaming into my window through the branches of–get this–a TREE!
This weekend, I am blessed to partake in a fun-filled faculty retreat weekend, at Marble House Project, in Vermont. 

Marble House Project is a unique program that offers year-round, FREE, rotating artist residencies, in all modalities. (If you are interested to learn more, go here: www.marblehouseproject.org)

So, as I laze here under a featherbed, on the most comfortable mattress in the world, I find myself reflecting on the complex and dynamic energies swirling around us this month.

Perhaps you have heard the phrase:

“Beware the Ides of March.”

But what does “beware the Ides of March” actually mean? 

Well, most of us know the Ides of March was the day Caesar received his comeuppance, betrayed and murdered by 60 conspirators, on the same spot that in today’s Rome is protected as a “no-kill” cat sanctuary. 

But did you know March was actually named for the Latin Martius—aka Mars, the Roman God of war and a mythical ancestor of the Roman people? In the Northern hemisphere, March was historically the perfect month for both farmers to resume farming, and warriors to resume warring. 

(Check out the farm next door!)

What an interesting dichotomy: the perfect time for conflict is also the perfect time to plant seeds and cultivate new growth.

And if you are into esoteric woo-woo like me, you might also find it interesting to know Venus (the planet/goddess of love) is in retrograde, stationed at 13 degrees Aries (aka Mars/god of war).

Astrologer Anne Ortelee tells us, 

“Venus in Aries is a warrior princess, which makes this a GREAT time to do battle with whatever holds you back. Any negative habits that your personal Venus might have now is the time to tackle them…Worldwide, this is the Season of the Nasty Woman.” 

(For more from Anne on Venus, check out this awesome class: transactions.sendowl.com/orders/15422874/ad1b9d8ff4713f952786bd042b5d7876/7)

Jamie, “The Astrology King,” also shares, 

“You can find true love during this Venus retrograde in Aries but some hardship or delay is to be expected. Use Venus retrogrades to improve how you feel about yourself, to love yourself more. Think about what really brings you pleasure. Find the reasons for problems in previous or current relationships. This is where old lovers reappearing can help you clear away the past to make room for new relationships.”

(For more from Jamie, check out this super thorough post: www.google.com/amp/astrologyking.com/venus-retrograde/amp/)

All of this feels fitting, considering our theme for March: complicated grief.

Complicated grief is a form of prolonged grief in which the griever experiences their negative symptoms as a way of remaining connected to their lost loved one. And so, the brain experiences grief as rewarding and essential to survival, because it activates our attachment systems. 

If your interest is piqued, I hope you will join us for one of two presentations I am offering LIVE, on complicated grief this month. (Please see webinar calendar below.)

Secondly, part of working with complicated grief (and it’s close cousins: addictions, anxiety and depression) is tapping into the energetic blockages that prevent us from experiencing a sense of security within ourselves, and finding satisfying attachment relationships.
These energy centers are often associated with the root chakra and the sacral chakra. And so, we have scheduled two LIVE online presentations on these energy centers, in March (see webinar calendar below.)

In these presentations, we will bust three myths associated these energy centers, and offer experiential demonstrations of ways in which you can work with blockages in these areas, including FREE guided meditations and intervention strategies. 

These 2 presentations are the first of 7 altogether, which are an introduction to a LIVE, online master class that the Shamanatrix, Kristen Boyer, and I will be hosting in August 2017.
Mark your calendars now, and make sure you catch these introductory webinars, and stay tuned for when registration links become available. 
1. Root Chakra: Wednesday, March 8th at 8pm EST

2. Sacral Chakra: Wednesday, March 22nd at 8pm EST

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: Wednesday, April 5th at 8pm EST

4. Heart Chakra: Wednesday, April 19th at 8pm EST

5. Throat Chakra: Wednesday, May 3rd at 8pm EST

6. Third Eye Chakra: Wednesday, May 17th at 8pm EST

7. Crown Chakra: Wednesday, May 31st at 8pm EST

If you are interested in learning more about shamanism and how to become certified in soul journeying, check out Kristen’s upcoming intensive weekend certification program here: www.kristenboyer.com/new-events-1/2017/5/26/introduction-to-shamanic-journeying-and-dreamwork-consciousness-certification-course.

Remember to stay tuned for updates!!

Any questions, I can be contacted at Briana@CreativeArtsTherapiesOnline.com.

Keep on dancing in the moonlight!

Briana MacWilliam ATR-BC, LCAT




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