One for the Veterans

Today, I focused on a meditation to open the heart chakra, in gratitude for our veterans, and to offer a prayer of safety for current military service men and women. Thank you for your service and your courageousness.

The video below is an audio recording of the meditation, and art making associated with it. The written script follows.


Begin by finding a comfortable position, whether you are seated in a chair or lying down. Take a moment to attend to your breath; noticing the way the oxygen fills your lungs, and the way you are releasing it–without any need to change it. 

Once you find a rhythm with your breath, take note of wherever your energy may be tied up right now. And like ribbons, slip those tendrils of your energy out of those entanglements, calling them home. Allow your energy to become concentrated in your body. Noticing its subtleties; its color, its vibration, its intensity. Where does your energy reside inside of you? What form does it take? How does it feel to call it home?

Allow whatever shape it has taken–whether it be in the form of a thought, a memory, a word, a symbol, a color, or just a feeling–to move through your body until it resides in your chest, in your heart chakra. Here, I want you to call to mind a memory of when you felt safe and supremely happy. A moment when you felt seen and present and loved on a soul-deep level. Allow yourself to remember the setting; the temperature, the weather, the colors, the smells, the people, the sounds, and any tactile sensations. 

Focus on the memory until you are able to experience in this present moment, the feelings you had in that moment; we are folding time,  as if bringing together the two-sides of a page, past and present are joined, calling in the future.

Now, still holding on to that feeling,  I want you to allow the sensory aspects of this memory to blur, as if you are squinting your eyes to throw your vision out of focus. Allow whatever people, places and things you have associated with this feeling, to dissolve INTO that feeling, intensifying it.

On the next in-breath, I want you to imagine drawing a tremendous amount of energy up from the earth, through the soles of your feet, and  into your blood stream. Witness that energy travel through your veins and pump into your heart chakra. As it does so, it expands that loving feeling, as if blowing on a hot coal. Every inhalation carries with it an upwelling of limitless life force and vitality, and every exhalation feeds and intensifies that love inside of you, causing it to glow brighter, and hotter. 

Continue with this intention for a few more breaths. Feel that love expand and warm your body. Notice if there are any novel sensations inside of you. Simply witness, without any efforting, what thoughts, feelings, images, or messages might float into your mind, always holding onto that feeling. There is no judgement. Only allowance, acceptance, and awareness.

Before you come to a place of completion with that practice, I want you to note, that this process continues, even when you are not attending to it. That this love is always there, and it exists beyond time, and space, and the constraints of our memories. When we take the time to connect our own vitality with the energy of the earth,  we tap into “Spirit” and this is synonymous with limitless love, compassion and gratitude.

On your next breath, you may begin to return your attention to the present reality. Again become aware of your outer surroundings, and how you are feeling in your body. Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Adjust your weight, if needed. Stretch your neck. Your shoulders. And when you feel ready, and as if you have come to a place of completion with this practice, you may open your eyes, and return to the room. 



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