Bringing in Abundance: “The Secret” You Don’t Know

What is abundance? In a word: attunement. It is when your inner self (the essence of your spirit–what may be referred to as “true self” “higher self” “higher knowing” “soul” and so on) is congruent (to the degree that it can be) with your conscious awareness. This is not a permanent thing you achieve, like a diploma or a trophy to be hung on the wall or placed on the shelf for all time to admire. Rather, attunement is an ability you have to cultivate in order to become increasingly skilled, like training for long distance running; if you stop exercising, eat bad foods, or allow your self-discipline to slip, your ability to perform will be negatively affected–you will fall out of attunement.

It is also important to realize that life is not divided up into the little boxes we all like to think it is. Energy you pour into your family, work, and relationships is the SAME energy you pour into YOURSELF. Money and other forms of abundances are attracted to you based on how well you nourish your spirit; how well you cultivate that attunement.

You want to attract a better job? Take a bath. You want to meet a loving partner? Cook yourself a gourmet meal. This might seem counter-intuitive but in the world of energy, like attracts like. If you are feeling depleted that is what you will attract, more depletion. If you are in constant yearning for a partner, you will persistently attract partners that keep themselves just out of reach.

Essential to attunement are your feeling states. And this is why so many become frustrated with this kind of assertion, because they layer a few pretty affirmations over a whole lot of the same kind of energy, and expect big changes; “I’m writing all these affirmations and I’m trying so hard to do all the right things and yet I’m still getting the same results!” In fact, you’re still doing the same thing, you’re just repackaging it.

For example, its not righteous to bully a bully, it’s the same behavior repackaged from a different perspective. It’s not generous to give more than is asked, it’s invasive and rooted in a desire to induce dependency, in order to acquire control and stave off a fear of abandonment or irrelevancy. Reading every self-help book under the sun, buying organic food, and attending every meditation and yoga class within a five-mile radius, in order to feel more “spiritual,” maybe no different than working fourteen-hour days in order to feel more “accomplished.” Thoughts are energy, but they are energy without form. Feelings are energy too, but they have both form and formlessness; best exemplified by their effect on the body. Given that, which do you think has a stronger impact on your ability to manifest abundance?

You betcha: feelings. And if you are someone that (consciously or unconsciously) likes to avoid or repress painful feelings, no amount of vision boards or affirmations are EVER going to call in the abundance you desire. (In fact, studies have shown reciting affirmations that you do not actually believe can cause more stress!) The best way to decode and LEAN INTO the feelings that may be causing you so much havoc, is to examine the underlying motivations behind your desires.

Whatever your wishlist might be, take honest and critical stock of the authenticity of the qualities you are searching for. For example:

“I want a romantic partner with lots of money.”

This statement alone is not necessarily “bad” but what is at the root of this desire? Is it because you feel financially unable to support yourself, and want to absolve yourself of responsibility by putting it on someone else? Or because you like pretty things and are obsessed with status? These are ego-based desires that carry a low vibration, because they both stem from a lack of inner self-worth and esteem: not believing you can take care of yourself, and not believing you are enough without material goods.

On the other hand, do you want someone with money because you want to ultimately stay home and raise children, because you have a lot of love to give and this is where your gifts lie? Is what you are actually looking for financial stability, which is more about wanting a partner who will be a good parent and provider? The energetic vibration associated with this underlying motivation is VERY different, and you will call in a VERY different kind of person.

Once you have clarified your desires, I recommend creating a ritual to concretize these aims and attach strong personal feelings to them, in a tangible, ritualistic fashion. Feelings are like “The Force” when it comes to manifestation.”Good” feelings are the most influential, and are of “the light side” of The Force; of the highest vibration. “Bad” feelings–like self criticism, doubts, or negative expectations–are the “darkside” of The Force; of the lowest vibration. They seem powerful but in they end, they always lose. (Of course, feelings are neither “good” nor “bad” until we attach that label to them, so the BEST thing to do is allow ALL feelings to move through you, SAFELY, with a feeling of detached observation, until you can figure out what their meaning may be in the context of your life; like the moon gazing upon the earth.)

In creating your ritual, stimulate the feeling of being happy, loving, and joyful from a memory or recent experience, and hold onto that feeling. Now detach that feeling from the images and other specifics of the memory (the circumstances, the people involved, your age, etc.). Imagine planting that feeling in your heart chakra, in the center of your chest, and as you breathe, imagine it pulsing outwards into the universe, then recite your intentions for a love partner. Do this with regularity and focused attention, and I assure you, you will see things start to shift in your life as a whole–not just your relationships!

I have developed a few rituals to call abundance into my life, and one of them is meditating and creating artwork. It makes me feel calm, focused, and peaceful. Allowing my hand to move and do what it wants allows for a sense of groundedness that keeps me centered throughout the day. Here is an example of a youtube video I recently made on bringing in abundance: here:

I intend to post more on this and will tag these mindful art making meditations in their own category. How do you keep yourself attuned?


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