Spiritual Science and Strawberry Shortcake

I am reading a lot about quantum physics lately. And I am realizing more and more what I suspected as a sophomore in high school, after I learned about the structure of an atom in class, is true: science and spirituality are the same. In particular, the fact that everything is energy, constantly moving, humming, and connecting all things. (At that time, I tried to push my hand through the table to test the knowledge, but now I know my vibration is still too low for that.)
If you want to make more money, replace the word with “energy.” And realize that all your energy exists in the same bucket. You do not have energy for work, family, health, and self care in different buckets. It all comes from the same source: your essential self, which is also –perhaps seemingly paradoxically–the universe. Taking care of and loving yourself is the only way to attract true abundance, and in doing so, contribute to the universe. It’s not just about vision boards or writing affirmations. It’s about feeding and nourishing yourself with real tenderness and care.
So, I asked myself today, pondering my resistance to finishing this book and the inability to focus on any one of my many projects, “How can I stop spinning my wheels and feel nourished enough to allow the inspiration to emerge naturally? How can I invite the energy I need, to find me?”
And as if she had whispered it over my shoulder, I heard my grandmother say, “Strawberry shortcake.” There are two recipes my grandmother would make when I would come to visit: poor man’s stroganoff and strawberry shortcake. The former more in the winter, and the latter in the summer. And it always made me feel happy and wanted and welcomed and loved.
I thought, “That would be great!…it’s not gluten or lactose or sugar free…but so great! But from scratch? I could cheat and buy biscuits and canned whip cream to make it easier…but would Pat cheat?” No. She never skimped for me. And I wouldn’t either.
So, here I sit, watching the #dnc live streaming, eating strawberry shortcake from scratch, and loving myself with no corners cut. This, my friends, this is what it looks like to win with love. It starts at home, in the quiet stillness of your mind, with an act of kindness towards yourself.

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