Create Your Bliss

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve posted something to the community page, and there is just so much to share!

I have big plans for disbursing all the knowledge I have collected while researching and writing my current work in progress, slated to be published in 2017, Complicated Grief, Attachment, and Art Therapy: Theory and Treatment Applications  (I know, that’s a mouthful.) It’s an edited textbook about grief, love and relationships, woven together through personal anecdotes  of other art therapists and individuals with an intimate understanding of not only grief, but the power of the creative spirit.

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And in that vein, I’m bursting-at-the-seams excited to tell you about the opening of my new online school, Create Your Bliss at This is such a fabulous method for  interacting with all of this knowledge, in a convenient and meaningful way. I hope you’ll check out all the free previews  including guided meditations and info dump galore, if you peruse the first couple of course curriculums that are open for enrollment. AND there are free downloadable templates, if you sign up for the Sample Course Materials for Writers.

Check it out!

Online courses currently available and/or coming between now and September 2016:

June 2016

Art Therapy Test Prep

For those budding art therapists preparing to take their licensing or board certifying exam (and, to date, the most popular course by far).

Credible  Character Conflict: 11 Steps to Believably Conflicted Characters 

For writers willing to go on The Hero’s Journey alongside their protagonists, this course provides a psycho-spiritual approach to developing deeply conflicted characters, through audio lectures, guided meditations, therapeutic art activities, and insight-oriented writing exercises.

July  2016

Embracing Your Feminine Essence: 8 Practices to Encourage Transformation, Abundance, and Nurturance

Through 8 energetically-based, experiential exercises (including guided meditations, reading and writing assignments, movement activities, and art activities), you will learn how to reconnect to your feminine self and inhabit your queenly status. This course, co-authored with the fabulous Romona Mukherjee LMHC of Therapy to Evolve, will help you open up to embracing the abundance the universe is just itching to give you!

Romona and I are also conducting a LIVE two-hour workshop, on July 16th, at Reflections Yoga, as an introduction to this course. Stay tuned for details!

Plotting Through Characterization: 16 Chapters in a Page

This course  addresses how the character map developed in its sister course, Credible Character Conflict, contributes to developing dramatic hooks, meaningful turning points, and the over arching theme of the story. Participants will walk away with an in-depth understanding of their character, and a deliciously conflicted outline for their plot, including (at least) 16 chapters!

August 2016

Beyond the Break Up: Attachment Styles and Meeting Your Match

This course explores the most current scientific research and theory on what makes romantic relationships fail or succeed. You will learn how to identify your own attachment style—a biologically-informed approach to intimacy—and that of your partner, or potential partner. This course also includes interactive questionnaires, creative exercises, and guided meditations to set you on the right path to meeting your match.

Creativity Development for the Experiential Educator: Unleashing the Inner Animal!

This course offers a curriculum for art therapists and educators, to help children develop their creativity by unleashing their inner animal! The course includes marketing templates, descriptive letters for parents and other educators, an in-service curriculum for staff development, video tutorials, and more.

September 2016

A Mindful Approach to Grief: 8 Guided Meditations and Art Therapy Exercises  

This course offers an 8-week curriculum for addressing grief, utilizing art therapy and mindfulness-based practices. It includes educational materials, sample treatment plan, handouts,  examples, and audio recorded guided meditations. It may be used for “self help,” or as a guide for working therapeutically with clients, in both  individual and group settings.


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