Top 10 Postcards Smack Down!

My amazing, generous, attentive, altruistic, optimistic, and idealistic readers, our community arts project, The Ideal Relationship Project, is now 120% funded. Woot!

This is very exciting. In fact, my son probably best expresses my feelings right now, in this picture.


If you haven’t been following, and you don’t know what The Ideal Relationship Project is, here’s the website, and a short video to explain:

If you’ve participated, I think you should pat yourself on the back and take a look at the project website, to remind yourself of the awesomeness that you’ve supported. So many wonderful quotes and expressions of love and hope have been contributed to this effort!

But the work isn’t over yet! 

I desperately need your help to help me pick which 10 postcards to print! To help me decide, please click on this link and follow the directions.

(Please don’t feel excluded if your portrait is not among this selection. These were chosen based on ease of reproduction.)


All  of our Kickstarter backers receive postcards. Your pledge amount determines how many. About half way through the campaign, I increased the number of cards per pledge. Additionally, because we went over our funding goal, I have increased the options from 7 to 10, and bumped everyone’s rewards up.

Here is the final assignment for postcards:

  • $3–> A Thank You postcard (This will be our logo image) + 1 blank postcard (your choice of 10 options)
  • $5–> A Thank You postcard + 4 blank postcards (your choice of 10 options)
  • $15–> A Thank You postcard + 7 blank postcards (your choice of 10 options)
  • $25 –> A Thank You postcard + all 10 blank postcards available
  • If you pledged more than $25, you will receive all 10 postcards available as well!

If you haven’t pledged but you would like to, make sure you do so before 11am tomorrow! Simply go to the Kickstarter website, and select your desired reward.

I look forward to your input!

With love and excitement.



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