The Ideal Relationship Project: Peggy Pionke

The Ideal Relationship Project is a Kickstarter aiming to collected  100 portraits, and individuals’ ideas about what makes an ideal relationship, into a self published book.

The following is a process note for Peggy Pionke.

With Peggy, I felt both her quote and her image carried a maturity and sophistication. I decided to reflect by portraying the mandala in the inverse, giving it a more traditional, classic feel. I chose purple, red, and gold because those are more regal colors, and connote respect and admiration.

A big thank you to Peggy for her contribution! Hope you like it.

Subject: Peggy Pionke, age 45, Married


“My ideal relationship would be based on further intimacy, connection, and respect for each partner’s growth. It would include daily seduction of the mind, the body, or their connection simultaneously, which is the key to keeping our souls alive and not getting lost in the mundane.”


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