Illustrator and Animator: Andrew Bernier

Andy Bernier

Today I have the pleasure of sharing the drawings and animations of the talented Andrew (Andy) Bernier. I had the privilege of graduating from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with this fine fellow, and hope you enjoy his work as much as I do! You can check him out at

“This is TC. He always wears that hat. ALWAYS.”
“I haven’t seen this awesome dude in a long time. Thought I’d draw him. If you don’t know Craig, you’re missing out. If you do know Craig, you know that everyone else is missing out. #sketch #drawing #portrait #digitalpainting #norwegian”

‘Skullcrusher Mountain’ Vertical Video

“This video spawned from an idea that music videos are seen less on television and more on mobile devices. The portability of a screens orientation allows for more unconventional video proportions and will lead to many new creative possibilities.Thanks to Jonathan Coulton for writing such an amazing song.”


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